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ND Success Stories

Bismarck Burleigh Public Health Policy Wins

BisMarket Tobacco Free Outdoor Venue Policy

BisMarket has become Bismarck’s first outdoor event to adopt an outdoor comprehensive tobacco-free policy. Throughout the summer there will be approximately 29 market days (weather and vendor registration permitting) with 11 agriculture vendors, 5 ready to eat food vendors, and 15 art and craft vendors. BisMarket is expected to serve about 14,000 community members that attend the market.

In late February 2017, Bismarck Burleigh Public Health (BBPH) Tobacco Prevention Program contacted BisMarket to see if their organization had a tobacco free policy in place for their community family farmers market. After learning that BisMarket did in fact have a policy in place, but was interested in strengthening it. The model tobacco-free event policy was provided. In May, the new policy was brought forth to the board where it was voted on and passed. BisMarket officially signed the comprehensive tobacco-free policy on May 2, 2017. 

Tobacco Free Buildings and Grounds at Buckstop Junction

Bismarck Burleigh Public Health is thrilled to announce that on June 19th, 2017, Missouri Valley Historical Society Buckstop Junctions Board adopted a tobacco free buildings and ground’s policy. It was important to adopt the tobacco-free policy to protect Buckstop Junction’s buildings and grounds from potential fire hazards and to protect the health of our community.

Buckstop Junction is known for their historic venue. Individuals are able to rent out some of the buildings for special occasions such as the Lewis Hotel Ballroom & Western Bar, and Bethel Church. To learn more about Buckstop Junctions rentals and their upcoming events visit


Submitted by: Kara A. Backer, MBA, RRT, Health Systems Coordinator, North Dakota Department of Health

The North Dakota Department of Health (NDDoH) focuses on activities that increase referrals to NDQuits, the statewide telephone and web-based tobacco cessation service. The NDDoH works with the health system and behavioral health grantees through the NDQuits Cessation (NDQC) Grant Program to promote tobacco quit attempts. NDQC grantees assess tobacco use during patient encounters and refer tobacco users to NDQuits. Until recently, referrals were submitted by fax or by e-mail. This year two large health systems successfully implemented the e-Referral, Altru Health System and Sanford Health. The e-Referral populates patient contact information rather than relying on data entry, and the e-Referral also delivers feedback into the patients’ electronic health records (EHR). NDQC grantees with the e-Referral nearly doubled their referrals to NDQuits. The increase in referrals indicates that more tobacco users are contemplating or attempting to quit tobacco, which can increase the number of former tobacco users in North Dakota.

In January 2017, Altru Health System in Grand Forks succeeded in implementing the e-Referral to NDQuits directly from its EHR. The implementation has improved patient care, increased the number of referrals, and saved staff time and resources. Providers can access updates on the patients they referred at regular intervals. Using the direct e-Referral only takes a moment, as compared to several minutes using the fax method. Staff no longer wait by the fax machine to make sure the referral went through to NDQuits. In addition, the e-Referral has decreased the amount of paper used because staff no longer fill out a fax form. The referral process is now more convenient, and the feedback from NDQuits is consistent. Lastly, the e-Referral has also opened doors for the Altru IT team to begin development for the e-Referral to the MNQuitPlan.

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