The mission of the North Dakota Public Health Association is to improve, promote, and protect health for the residents of North Dakota through leadership in policy, partnerships, and best practices.

About NDPHA Committees

The Association also has committees to move forward its mission. During the annual meeting our members have the opportunity to volunteer to serve on a committee.  The  committee is led by a committee chair person who is also a member of the Governing Council.  Each committee will meet twice per year, develop an annual work plan, and the chair will provide a report on activities at the Governing Council meetings and a written report at the annual meeting.  



Active Committees

Effective June 15, 2018

Awards & Nominating 




Policy & Advocacy 

Conference Task Force



NDPHA Members Join a Committee Today!

Are you interested in furthering the mission and activities of the NDPHA?  If the answer is yes, we have just the volunteer opportunity for you!

We're looking for individuals who are passionate about ensuring that all individuals have healthy environments to live, work and play. NDPHA is currently seeking individuals to serve one-year terms on one of 7 standing committees. The committees are small groups that carry out tasks on behalf of the NDPHA Governing Council. Committee work increases the efficiency of NDPHA administration. Committee members, with the exception the chair, do not participate directly in Governing Council meetings, but rather work to address issues and make recommendations that are presented to the Governing Council during Council meetings.

Committee Descriptions

Awards: NDPHA presents three awards each year.
  1. Public Health Worker of the Year, which honors a current member of NDPHA for outstanding public health contributions or achievements in the past year
  2. Outstanding Service Award, which honors an individual, either lay or professional, for outstanding work or achievement over their lifetime in the field of public health.
  3. Public Health Team of the Year, which honors a team that has worked collaboratively on a unique, creative, or simply outstanding public health effort, program, or goal in the past year – (At least one team member must be a current NDPHA member.)

Committee members solicit nominations in October, and prior to mid December review the nominations, select the award winners, and report their decision to the conference planning committee.

AuditCommittee members review the financial records of the NDPHA office prior to the annual meeting and present a report to the membership.
MembershipCommittee members solicit new members for the Association.
Policy & AdvocacyCommittee members track legislation that relates to public health and reports issues to the membership throughout the year, as well as at the annual meeting. Committee members place a “Call for Resolutions” the first part of the year, as resolutions must be submitted to the committee at least 10 days prior to the annual meeting.  The committee reviews all resolutions and presents them to the membership with a recommendation of Adopt, Do Not Adopt, or No Recommendation.
NominatingCommittee members solicit members in the fall of the year to run for office on the NDPHA Governing Council.  All officers are elected for a two-year term.  Generally, the Vice President moves to the President-Elect position and the President-Elect, in turn, moves into the President position. 

Conference Task ForceCommittee members solicit input from the NDPHA membership to identify and recruit speakers and topics that are public health specific for the annual conference.  They work closely with NDPHA’s Conference Planning Committee representative.
Fundraising: This committee will assist in creating annual budget and focus on NDPHA fundraising.
If you are interested in serving on a committee please email the chair of the committee.

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