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NDPHA Members in Action

Members of the North Dakota Public Health Association come from all areas of public health, ranging from  local public health units, higher education, hospital & clinics, etc. Take a look at the change happening in your community effecting local public health..those incredible people may just be a member of NDPHA!


Melanie Nadeau, American Indian Section Chair, shares her journey into the field of public health.  

Click HERE to watch Melanie's digital story.


12 photo(s) Updated on: 25 Jun 2019
  • Nicotine Dependence Conference held at Fargo Cass Public Health.
  • NDPHA Day at the Capitol 2019
  • NDPHA President Mary Tello-Pool, Chair of the Blue Campaign Homeland Security Maria Odom, NDPHA Vice President Renae Moch (October 9, 2015 at the Human Trafficking Roundtable in Bismarck, ND)
  • NDPHA Member Dr. Warne and NDPHA ARGC Debbie Swanson at APHA 2015 during the Advocacy in Public Health Session
  • NDPHA Member Stefani Myer presenting her poster at the 2015 Dakota Conference
  • First meeting of the Student Section 2015
  • Nathan Fix, NDSU MPH student, NDPHA Chair of the Student Section. A public health star in the making!
  • NDSU MPH Students at the 2015 Dakota Conference
  • First District at the 2015 Dakota Conference
  • NDSU MPH Students
  • NDPHA Nutrition Section Annual Meeting 2015
  • Dr. Miller officiating her last meeting as NDPHA President. Dr. Miller is a public health ROCK STAR!
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