NDPHA Fundraiser for Public Health Thank You Day!

In honor of the upcoming Public Health Thank You Day, NDPHA is inviting members to hold a Jeans Week fundraiser at their place of work during the week of November 18-22nd. Click the links below to download and print a flyer to hang at your organization. We have also created stickers for employees who participate to wear during the week!

  • Jeans Week Flyer - Here
  • Jeans Week Stickers (to be printed on Avery Labels 5160) - Here

Please make checks payable to NDPHA and mail them to NDPHA, PO Box 7282, Bismarck, ND 58507-7282.. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Sue Kahler at skahler@bismarcknd.gov or 701.355.1597.



Despite the tremendous improvements public health has made in the 20th Century, Americans live shorter lives and suffer more health issues than people in other high-income countries. For example we rank 34th in life expectancy. We need to work together to improve health and well-being. That's why APHA created Generation Public Health. We're a growing movement of people, organizations and communities collaborating across sectors to create the healthiest nation in one generation.

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity for a long and healthy life. We promise to support efforts to improve the social and environmental factors that affect everyone's health and limit the ability for many people to make healthy choices. It is only when we come together that we are strong enough to create the healthiest nation in one generation.

Click here to take the pledge!

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