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2018 Call for Resolutions

  • 06 Mar 2018
  • 04 May 2018

North Dakota Public Health Association Resolutions

An important part of the work of NDPHA is adopting positions on various public health issues. Advocacy is an essential part of public health as it helps to shape health policy and impacts the people we serve through awareness of important public health issues. 

The NDPHA Policy and Advocacy Committee would like to hear from the membership about public health policy, system, or environmental change that is needed to improve public health. 

We would be happy to help you shape your idea into a resolution for presentation at the annual meeting on June 13, 2018 in Grand Forks.


Please submit your resolutions to Danielle Pinnick, Policy and Advocacy Committee chair, at danielle.pinnick@ndsu.edu, by May 4, 2018. Members of the committee are listed here

Copies of current resolutions can be found at NDPHA Resolutions

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