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American Indian Public Health

Melanie Nadeau

Emergency Preparedness & Environmental Health 

 Amber Lyon-Colbert

Health Policy, Planning & Administration 

 Danielle Pinnick


  Karen Ehrens


 Betsy Kanz  

Student Section

 Cathony Reid

Tobacco Prevention & Control 

Chelsea Ridge

NDPHA Member Sections

The Association is organized into sections, each representing a discipline of public health. During the annual meeting each section elects a chair and secretary.  Each section will meet twice per year, develop an annual work plan and the chair will provide a report on actives at the Governing Council meetings and a written report at the annual meeting.   

If you don't see a section for you, a section may be created by at least ten Association members that are willing to submit a petition to the Governing Council. The Governing Council will review the petition and vote on the request during the next scheduled Governing Council meeting. 

Click HERE to download and complete a "New Section Request" form. Please email the completed form to info@ndpha.org

Interested in helping to improve the quality of life for North Dakotans?

We're looking for individuals who are passionate about ensuring that all individuals have healthy environments to live, work and play. NDPHA is particularly seeking Governing Council members with business expertise, knowledge of the nonprofit world, and fundraising experience. Previous Board experience is helpful but not necessary.

Governing Council membership goes beyond traditional volunteering and into the highest level of visionary leadership for the organization, assuming legal and financial responsibilities while serving as a community ambassador for the mission. Serving as a Governing Council member provides a unique opportunity to put your passion for public health into action by applying your experience and expertise to help advance an organization's impact. It's a rewarding way to fulfill your need to serve your community while learning new skills that can enhance your own career and grow your own personal and professional networks.



The objectives of the American Indian Public Health (AIPH) section are to protect and promote personal, public, and environmental health; to bring together persons interested in American Indian public health for the purpose of fostering a better understanding of public health problems and practices and to facilitate the interchange of ideas relating to methods for the solution of these problems and for assaying the value of public health practices in Tribal communities; to provide for scientific advancement of members; and to aid in the promotion of tribal, state and local legislation in the interest of American Indian public health with particular focus on the interrelationship between health and the quality of life.


This section looks at the environmental health issues that pertain not only to North Dakota, but also nationally.  This section also looks at issues that revolve around emergency preparedness such as emerging pathogens, disasters that affect the environment,  and prevention. There is a strong legislative factor with this section, which can focus on topics such as cottage foods, septic systems, air quality, and various hazardous spill incidents.


The Health Policy, Planning, and Administration Section allows the North Dakota Public Health Association to formally discuss and decide what the priorities and mission of our group are, as they relate to health policy.  This interdisciplinary group convenes individuals from the different areas of public health to organize efforts and support public health solutions at the regional and national level.

*Photo Credit - Centers for Disease Control & Prevention


We are a multidisciplinary group interested in local, national and global food and nutrition issues and in working to influence policies, programs, research and education related to public health nutrition.


The Public Health Nursing Section advances this specialty through leadership  in the development of public health nursing practice and research. The               Section assures consideration of nursing concerns by providing mechanisms for interdisciplinary nursing collaboration in public health policy and program endeavors.


The Student Section of the Public Health Association is a collection of students and young professionals with a vested interest in current public health issues. This section allows assists with the creation of connections and collaborations in public health fields.


This section promotes public health policy approaches for the prevention, education and treatment of tobacco at local and statewide levels. We also  work to engage youth and adults in advocacy efforts to change policy that directly affect the health and well being of all North Dakotan's.

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