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Celebrate 150 Years of Public Health!

Join the North Dakota Public Health Association (NDPHA) in celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the American Public Health Association. APHA is dedicated to improving the health of the public and achieving equity in health status. NDPHA was established in 1944 and works to achieve the mission and goals of APHA in North Dakota. To celebrate the 150 years of the successes of APHA, join the 150 Campaign and donate to NDPHA today!

Our Goal!

NDPHA is seeking investment in our organization to establish additional personnel to grow and strengthen our organization as well as continuing to provide mentorship and support for our membership.  NDPHA is an organization that gives a voice to public health matters and provides opportunities to partner, create new vision, and be an instrument affecting the health status for citizens all across the state. NDPHA aids in the promotion of state and local legislation in the interest of public health with particular focus on the interrelationship between health and quality of life. Donation to NDPHA supports public health efforts across the state and will continue to ensure that public health programs are a priority in North Dakota.  


Eligible Donors

NDPHA is seeking funding from organizations that bears a mission or values which complement or align with those of the NDPHA.  Eligible organizations may include clinics, hospitals, dentists, pharmacies, car dealerships, implementation dealerships, banks, restaurants, etc.   Individuals are also encouraged to donate to this NDPHA campaign! 

Ineligible Donors

NDPHA will reject funding from any corporation or corporate foundation, if either is engaged in the manufacturing or marketing of alcohol, tobacco, and related products; firearms; weapons of warfare; violating international marketing standards of infant formula or other health-related products; deriving a major portion of its revenues from these activities, nationally or internationally, or manufacture highly refined foods with little nutritional value, “ultra-processed” foods including soda pop, candy, etc.  Entities excluded from donating to NDPHA include bars, convenience stores, alcohol distributors, breweries, tobacco companies, etc.



Here are some tools that members can use to promote this campaign in their community! 

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